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20 Kilometer

Hello...just for the first time. Last entry wasn't really one. How it is now, it is just the first version, a little bit makeshift. I'll improve the design and all the other things in a while. Perhabs in the easter holidays. We'll see.

Ok, how was my day? We wrote a math test, but that's not that interresting. Much more impotant: IT'S SPRING! And the weather seems to notice that. So I went out for using my Inliners, do some sport, all that stuff. So I went rollerblading from Kilian to Oberdorffelden (2 kilometers or so), to Ostheim (11 kilometers) and back to kilian (7 kilometers). I went rollerblading for 20 kilometers and needed less than 2 hours.

Photo to proove, I was in Ostheim
The journey was quite fun. You don't know what scarry things there are, standing in the field, if you don't use the pathes sometimes. Look here and here
I met a woman I know a little bit and told her, I wanted to go to Ostheim. She: Oh. But not back again?
I: Indeed back again. If I stay in Ostheim it will become a little bit uncomfortable tonight.
She: ....OH! YOU DO LIVE IN KILIAN! I see!


Everything was fine, when I got home. And then I put out the Inliners and my legs suddenly seemed like something quite dead.

So far so nice. I'll do this again on wednesday perhabs.
20.3.06 19:31

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